Whether you are in spa, wellness or hospitality you face competition and challenges. The spa industry experienced 500% growth between 1999 and 2010. Visits to spas increased 165% during the same time. There is more competition for those highly valued client visits. This is also true for manufacturers trying to get their products into our businesses.

It requires ongoing marketing to attract clients, keep them and stay profitable. There are multiple ways to address this.  It depends on the culture of your company, its size and complexity. The owner or director, you are responsible for success.

Your time is limited and your workload means you are stretched thin.  If writing marketing content is not your forte, you need to delegate and allow yourself to focus on what you do best.  Surround yourself with good people and let them help you succeed.

Websites are no longer just a brochure. They need to be a point of sale. Most put out only a service menu of flat information. Compound this with the increased use of smart phones and tablets.  Your content needs to be easily viewable across all formats.

Often the personal, individual touch is missing.  Prospects today want to get to know you, what makes you special and why you are the best choice for them. They want to know what is happening now in your business. They want to get to know your team.

Social media needs to share the experiences you offer. Special events and promotions. It needs to be engaging and it needs to be kept current. It needs to build trust.  We don’t buy from those we don’t know and trust.

Staying in touch builds that trust.  Just collecting names from your guests or from prospects at an event like a trade show is only the first step.  They may not be ready for a sales call or to set an appointment.  They need to be led through the decision making process. It needs to be ongoing, engaging, current.

As a spa goer with 37 years inside the spa wellness tourism industry I can’t begin to tell you how rarely this happens.  Only a tiny fraction of the companies I’ve shared contact information with, or purchased from have stayed in touch.  So why should I be loyal to them?  Your clients and prospects feel the same way.

Judith Culp Pearson

Judith Culp Pearson Wellness Business Coach

Welcome to Judith Culp Creative Copy.  I’m a copywriter for the spa, travel, wellness industry including hotel properties.  I use my experience in the wellness industry to help you increase your appointments/sales and ADR totals. I understand your challenges. I’ve worked in your shoes.

Using my copywriting training skills we can improve your website results.   With marketing emails, social media content, blogs and more I can help you generate more potential clients. This means more time for you to focus on fabulous guest services or time to connect directly with prospects. It allows you to focus on your business, staff and family. And you’ll look like the hero when we track ROI.

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