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Irish Castle Escape – Live Like Royalty

More shimmering shades of green than a box of paints. Gently rolling land with hundreds of acres to wander. A place to restore your spirits.  A place that slips you into a different world. Creature comforts embrace you. You can be as busy or as quiet as you like.

Welcome to the Dromoland Castle Hotel in County Clare Ireland, a mere eight miles from the Shannon Airport.

Make your way up the narrow winding drive amidst hues of emerald trees. Camera ready?  Go carefully; local geese frequent the road. Past the Golf and Country Club the lane rises, crests. Before you looms the 16th century, blue limestone, Castle with its Gothic towers. Perfectly groomed Victorian lawns and gardens extend to the forest and lakes.

Climb the 16 stone steps and be welcomed by liveried bellmen.  The friendly staff at Dromoland enjoy sharing the magic of a bygone era. They treat you like the nobility that Dromoland has hosted since rebuilt in the 1500s. This 450-acre estate was the home of the O’Brians of Dromoland who trace their lineage to Brian Boru, High King of Ireland over 1000 years ago.

Throughout this richly appointed five star hotel, restoration focused on reviving the elegance and luxury of the Victorian era, complete with modern amenities.  Ancestral paintings adorn wood paneled walls. Stately stairways curve to the upper floors. Cozy chairs beckon. Sit, relax, and chat.

Your total comfort is behind the design and decoration of each unique guest room. Signature slippers and robes, custom linens and wall coverings, invite you to relax and let go of your hectic pace.  Gaze out of your windows on the serene gardens and ponds as you record today’s memories in your journal.

Surrounded by nature, stroll through the gardens. Take a tour of the extensive grounds. Ireland’s natural light makes for delightful photos – even when it rains. Golf, fishing, horseback rides, cycling and more await.

Need to unwind? Head for the spa!  Nestled on the lower level of the castle, immerse yourself in tranquility. Delicate fragrance of fresh cut flowers teases your nose. Candles and soft lighting soothe and calm.  Time stops as you soak in the gazebo covered outdoor hydro pool. Skilled therapists coax the stress out of every muscle, leaving you delightfully limp.  Whether you choose a stand-alone treatment, or opt for a 2 to 5 hour package, you will emerge relaxed, refreshed and revitalized. Hungry?

Visit the drawing room for Afternoon Tea.  Fresh petite sandwiches, pastries, scones with clotted cream, fruit tarts and more. Enjoy with your favorite tea or a glass of champagne.  Smoked salmon, Irish steak and succulent roast rack of lamb compete as dinner choices. Every meal delights your pallet.

Dromoland is a great home base for exploring.  Head north to the craggy Cliffs of Moher and Galway. Let Bunratty Castle Folk Park take you back through time, to life over 400 years ago. If lucky, you might hear tales of Irish life from the storytelling lady who plays accordion there.

Unsure where to go? The concierge is happy to assist with tour ideas. Over 30,000 castles dot Ireland’s landscape. Leprechauns and four-leaf clover hide in the mists. Discoveries await in every direction.

Visit Dromoland as the focus, the start, or to end your trip, it’s an experience of a lifetime. You will leave with new friends and lots of memories. Traveling on a budget? Go in the offseason or check out one of their specials. To learn more or schedule your stay, visit http://www.dromoland.ie/.


Stressed?  Plan a Wellness Trip

Summer is the time when we think about VACATION! Getting away from our hectic lives and catching a breath, relaxing, rejuvenating. This year do your self a real treat and make it a wellness travel trip.
What’s that?  Wellness travel is when we intentionally plan to include things to

de-stress, relax, improve our health, laugh, move, connect. It can take on many different guises.

It might be a week at a women’s retreat where they will focus on helping you center down, discover new abilities, learn new skills, have fun, relax and much more. For anyone who is coping with a crisis, or just needs a total break from the rest of the world, this can be magic.  Don’t want to go alone?  Grab a girlfriend and go on a girl’s getaway.
Prefer to get away with the partner in your life? There are lots of choices near and far. Pick a spot that not only has great food choices, a fabulous spa, but some favorite new or want to do activities.  How about an easy bicycle ride through wine country complete with visits to tasting rooms? How about someone will collect your purchases for you?  You can have this and a whole lot more 🙂  It’s available for the asking.
Taking the kids? There are great options whether you prefer the mountains, beach or even a cruise.  Look for places that offer age appropriate activities that they will enjoy. Some offer classes so the kids can learn and expand and have a lot of fun while you and your spouse do other things.  Look for a mix of offerings both physically active and relaxing time.
All wellness vacations include the following as must have’s: NATURE, learning opportunity, peace and quiet, physical activity, healthy food options, massage and rest and relaxation.
Include as many as you can and return home less stressed, rested, a more positive mood, steps toward being more healthy and maybe even shed a few pounds.



Why Wellness Travel?

Wellness travel is hot.  It is an exploding niche in the wellness and travel industries. There is good reason for the growth.  People in the western world constantly cope with stress.

Screen glare assaults us daily.  Phones ringing, iPad’s beeping, emails and other notifications surging in. We live in a fast-paced world where we tend to be in “fight or flight” stress mode all the time.  It’s exhausting. And that’s before dealing with traffic and family life responsibilities.

We also are living in a time where more people are taking more charge for our own health and wellness. We know food choices are important.  We know exercise is important.  We know that stress is hard on our bodies, mind and spirit.  It can be a challenge to fit it in all the “need to dos”. Wellness travel helps restore us.

Wellness travel starts when we identify we need a break.  We may decide to improve our health or our well-being. We know we’re tired and need renewed.

In a recent survey, people revealed the most important things in their wellness travel. Nature and experiencing it topped the list.  Also important were peace and quiet, rest and relaxation.  We want massage, learning opportunites, physical activities and healthy food options.

Everyone has their own definition of wellness travel.  Cruise lines, hotels, resorts, and even airports are trying to help meet the needs.  Quiet rooms, massage, yoga space and walking trails are now available in unexpected places.

Most people escape on the weekends. If you’re tired of fighting those crowds, try an early in the week retreat. Many spas and hotels offer special discount rates for Sunday – Thursday travelers.

Here are three websites to get some wellness travel ideas flowing:

http://www.traveltowellness.com/  Travel to wellness is an online magazine offering wellness travel information  since 2004.

http://www.wellnesstravelawards.com/  SpaFinder Wellness 365 recognizes leaders in the industry, globally, in 20 different categories.  Drop-downs give you the previous two years winners.  Candidates go through a complex two-part screening process. Consumers get to vote from finalists for the winners.

http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/2009/01/top-ten-list-wellness-travel.html – A great review of this writer’s 10 favorite dream wellness breaks.


Persuasive letter:

Email to: amica@xxxx.com

Topic:  Next Fabulous 4 Star Birthday Dinner!

Italian Chef Freshly crafted Cioppino, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Herb Rubbed Slow Roasted Prime Rib!

            Exquisitely served in a completely renovated vintage classic dining car!  You will feel like Garbo.

Hi Amica,

It’s our birthday time again!!  We have shared so many wonderful birthday dinners in restaurants across the US and beyond.  We’ve dinned and drooled in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York City.  Now we are both in Eugene, Oregon, let’s visit a fabulous local icon.  We want mouthwatering food, great service and comforting ambiance.

Eugene specializes in regional, seasonal, sustainable. It’s a NW tradition.  Eugene folk are foodies.  Great food is a source of pride here. It must be fresh, local, seasonal and mouth-watering.

We need to go to the Eugene Electric Station, its 4 Star. It meets all our criteria. Fabulous setting,  a  friendly, cozy, upbeat ambiance, fabulous service and marvelous diverse menu choices. Everything looks and smells as good as it tastes.  From the moment you get out of the cab, you will catch the enticing  aromas wafting toward you.  Enter through the restored vintage doorway and the smells of great cooking confirm this is the place.  Did I tell you this was Eugene’s original Electric Company office?  That’s how it got its name.

The bar is a popular place to start.  A blend of vintage and modern – the back-bar area towers 20 feet above with marvelous restored arching windows. Below is a long oak bar reminiscent of the early 1900s but so light and airy. This place is known for perfect drinks with friends.  Or we can have a lovely glass of great Northwest grown, or international wine and people-watch until our table is ready.  Don’t want to wait, they take  reservations.  It is really busy there in the evening, especially weekend nights.

I think you will enjoy eating in one of the totally restored and preserved “train cars”.  These are vintage cars integrated into the building – no going outside to get inside.  Easy access, nice, warm and dry.  Tons of ambiance integrated into modern décor.  It has a bit of Garbo – Bogart luxury and at the same time easy comfy.

As we follow our waitress the aromas wafting from the kitchen make your mouth water.  Fresh baked bread,  Italian savory spices, grilling steak and fish.  All our favorite smells of Italy are right here.  Did you notice the sweet heady smells of Tarts, Cobblers, Chocolate and Crème Brule? Desert is spoken here.

Service is impeccable. Warm, welcoming, easy. The menu choices are diverse and extensive.  Maybe a glass of wine while we decide?

Picking a starter will be the first choice.  It is going to be a challenge – think we better plan on take home boxes and there are so many to choose from: Ahi Tuna Tartare, Grilled Pear and Spinach, Tomato and Mozzarella…. Yumm.  Want to split a couple?  That way we get more tastes.

What will it be? Cioppino, Steak Diane, Chicken Picata? Want to go with fresh made ravioli, spaghetti? Their prime rib is to die for, herb rubbed and slow cooked. Nothing like sharing great company and great food. The only challenge will be the choices.  There is always the option of enjoying leftovers tomorrow.

Here are some of the reviews I found at Trip Advisor:

“OES has been a cornerstone of excellence in Eugene for decades. It continues to set the standard for excellent dining. Built around antique train coaches, the atmosphere is one of a kind. The menu offers faire for every taste. A full bar compliments the wait for dinner. Outdoor seating in summer and a nice private room for private parties.”  Steve, Eugene.

“A 4 million dollar renovation sure paid off. We chose the bar for a late night Happy Hour and was not disappointed. The onion rings rock, the beef sliders melted in your mouth. We wanted more…and we did. Such an array of booze….every taste should be satisfied with this display.” Steve B. Texas

“We dined here on a busy Friday evening while visiting the University of Oregon. Service was attentive, food delicious and well prepared. The old railroad station has been tastefully converted into an interesting and unique dining room. We will be back!” MDJ California.

“A large group of us (13) had a nonprofit board dinner. We sat at a large table in an old dining car. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food and service. I had an awesome cioppino dish. Highly recommended.” Foodtrips, Colorado.

“Whether it’s Prime Rib or Seafood, the Oregon Electric Station is a fabulous restaurant. The atmosphere is “electric”, the bar is “classic”, and you will not be disappointed!” Kerry A. Eugene

Did I tell you the new owner Raffaele Ruggeri,  is an Italian chef and his family formed the Bice Restaurant Group? Their first restaurant was in Milan and his family has been running restaurants for 3 generations. They now have restaurants around the globe.  They are amazing.  I know, I’ve tasted it.

Yes, we get top quality Italian, regional, seasonal cuisine right here in Eugene.  Let’s go compare it against the restaurants of San Francisco, Las Vegas and Italy.  I told you I’d let you choose, but as I said it can get quite busy there on Saturday evenings.  Please call them now and make our reservation: 541-485-4444.  Let’s go celebrate with fabulous food and an absolutely marvelous ambiance.



The next two articles are on the same topic but different in style for two different publications.

Take Control of Your Life – Hire a Team!

As beauty professionals we love our work.  We are so lucky to be able to go to work every day and do the things we love, a fabulous facial, terrific makeup, gorgeous hair, stunning nails. But there never seems enough time to get all the “other”, less fun stuff done.  You know what I mean by other, the bookkeeping, bill paying, product ordering, dealing with telemarketers, to say nothing of trying to promote our business so we can grow it.

I remember deciding I needed a website and then the nightmare (almost as bad as the one from Elm Street) began.  I was lucky to have a son who knew how to build websites and he knew a little about the beauty industry.  He could make me a site and put words on the pages. Woops, I had to write those words. That thought, that I had to write all the copy for those pages never occurred to me.  It was a lot of work, a lot of stress, trials and redoing.  It’s still not perfect, whatever is, but it’s certainly evolved a lot from what it was back in the ‘90s.

It was like taking on a second very demanding job and a real balancing act trying to keep up with the web pages, care for clients (how I got my income), and handle all the other parts of business operations.  So from the pain of experience here are some thoughts so you can have better balance in your life and time for a little fun.

Every successful career requires care, feeding and hard work, but it shouldn’t have so much stress you, or your body, burns out long before your career should be over. I was reminded of this recently when a woman I know who is only in her 50s had a stroke, actually more than one.  Talk about life changing.

What we need is to be able to clone ourselves to get twice the job done in the same amount of time.  Since that won’t be happening any time soon, the next best bet is to get yourself a team.  I know we are all on budgets but some things are just worth it.  Do you have someone who helps you with the phones and business emails?  I know several businesses who don’t think they are large enough for a full time employee who do some bartering with a college student who loves services but can’t afford them.  While waiting for the phone to ring, maybe she/he could be tweeting for you or posting pictures of your fabulous work on Instagram or Pinterest.  Make her your official spontaneous photographer and let her spread the word. Young people love posting, so let her do it and help build your business. There is nothing like the picture a happy client to attract more! Include you in the picture too, that way the viewer connects with you and asks for you.

Want a webpage?  You need a webmaster. Someone who understands all those URL codes and the ins and outs of website development.  The best way to find one is search for other businesses like yours and find ones whose website you really like.  Scroll to the bottom of the main page and there may be a link to the webmaster. Bingo, you have a link to a person whose work you already like.  Knowing what you like, will help him/her get you up and running easier and faster.

Over a cup of coffee make a list of the words you would use if you were looking for you on Google. Be sure to give the webmaster that list.  It will be how your clients will find you.  Next make a list of all the different types of services offered at your salon, spa or clinic.  Those will all become web pages.  The key page you need is your home page which should be a “snapshot” of your business.  You also need a “meet us” page that showcases your staff, with pictures (viewers love pictures and it shows off your work), salon basics of hours and location with a map/directions link. An appointment policy page is good because it helps set client expectations.  It would be good to include your service menu and price list. You can also add a blog or lots of other options, it just depends on where you want to go.

Next step, the words to go on these pages.  If you are starting to want to skip the rest of this article or turn the page, wait!  There is an alternative.  You can hire a copywriter.  These are trained professionals who love what you hate, they like to write. You don’t want just any copywriter.   You need someone who is experienced with our industry.  They can do all sorts of drudge work for you, brochure content, web pages, e-newsletters, and the list goes on. They will brag on you and make you look great, something most of us find rather awkward to do about ourselves in writing.  You can hire them to just write web content, or you can develop a relationship where they will support your business and help it grow with a variety of writing focused on marketing you. They can even do your Facebook business page for you and then you can monitor it, or if you are too busy for that, they can do it for you posting and building your business.

If you already have a web page, they can review it for you and make suggestions that can improve your success at getting it to bring new clients in.  Web pages, just like businesses need periodic updating and if you don’t keep the content fresh, the search engines start ignoring you.

Don’t think you can afford a team? What’s your stress level?  Do you like to create web pages or write copy? When you think of the hours it will take, how much income might you be missing by writing yourself instead of playing to your strengths and focusing on your clients?  Sometimes it’s just worth it. So take control of your life and gather your team.




Make Your Website Work for You

Judith Culp, CIDESCO Diplomat, NCEA Certified

Business websites are the viewer’s first impression of your business.  The first thing the visitor sees will be your home page. It needs to give the viewer a quick overview of who you are, the personality of your business and how you can benefit them. It must entice them to stay and tour your webpages. Gaining this can be critical, challenging, technical and vital for success.

What pages you have are dependent on the types of services that you offer. Do you specialize in waxing, acne, anti-aging? Does your facility offer strictly skin care or do you have other services? 20% of the services offered, generate 80% of our income.  We need to make sure those services are easily found. It is both the content on our web pages and the arrangement of the pages that generates a successful interaction with viewers.

We are so familiar with what we do and we are so brimming over with ideas that sometimes these tumble out and what we put out there is not as intuitive for the future client as we would like it to be.  For example if we have a profile page about ourselves, it should be focused on that.  If we have appointment policies, they need to go onto their own page. So the first step in website review or design is to make a list of the topics that need to be covered. Each different topic or type of service will need its own page.

Who your company is and what they do should be on the home page. Think of it as a snapshot of your business. If you have a brochure, all of the information there should be included on your web pages. You want to introduce your team and their strengths – profiles, and pictures and give details about the types of services offered. In addition to good head shots, what about adding pictures of them working with clients? There is nothing like a happy client to attract another.

Viewers need the basics. They need to know where you are located and when you open. Do they need to call for an appointment or can they do it online.  What if they have questions, who should they call?

Including your service menu and the benefits of each service. Tell them about the products you offer and their benefits.  A clinic and appointment policies page helps establish expectations.  Articles to educate your clients can also be helpful. The inclusion of a You-tube video is another great way to engage with your viewer.

An often missed link is finding a way to collect information about the person that looks at your page. It might be as simple as a sign up spot on your home page that offers a coupon if the viewer provides their name and email.  Or it might sign them up to receive an e-newsletter. Their contact information gives you a way to add them to your mailing list or to follow up with them perhaps with an email note thanking them for visiting and invite them to your clinic.

Logical arrangement of pages is important to lead customer through to desired action. In our business that is to have the potential client to schedule an appointment. Review the pages you have listed or have on your webpage and are they in the best order to accomplish the goal and get the appointment.

Content on your website is only as good as the information you provide to the person building your page.  If the web person doesn’t understand our industry that can come through in the presentation. Frequently it is the business owner who ends up not only providing the information but writing the finished copy exactly as it needs to appear on the webpage. Unless you are comfortable writing promotional material, and many of us find it awkward to brag about ourselves, you might want to make your life a lot easier and develop a team.  While many people try to do it all, often we would be more productive focusing on our strengths, interacting with the clients and giving fabulous treatments, and delegate other tasks out.

Find a good webmaster who will put your content on the needed pages and help you develop a look for your site that reflects your facility and image. Look online at other similar types of business web pages and when you find one you really like check at the bottom of the page.  Often there is a link to contact that webmaster.

A copywriter is another great person to have on your team.  They will work with you to develop what the content needs to be and then write it for you. It is important that the person you choose has a good knowledge of our industry and the clients we want to attract. This will generate the best content.  You can work with them in person or via phone or skype so they can get to know you, your needs and your goals. Then they will develop the content for each of the needed pages and provide it to your webmaster to install on the page.  They can also provide a list of key search words that your webmaster can include so the search engines will help connect you with the potential clients.  In addition, the writer can also handle your e-newsletter based on the specials or promotions you want to feature. If you are just getting started and don’t have a brochure, this can also be created for you. The same packet of information can be used to create a google business page, a Facebook page, a Yelp page or any other web presence that focuses on businesses in your local area.

Periodically, all business need to give themselves a bit of a face lift to keep a fresh look. Web pages are no exception. They don’t have to be completely redone, but revisions to content trigger more activity with the search engines and can elevate your rankings so you become more visible.  Your webmaster can provide you reports, “analytics” to show you how many visitors you have had to your website as well as what pages they visited.  If a page isn’t getting many views, it may need to be tweaked. The reports will also show you of your visitors, how many took you up on your offer providing their contact information.  Analytics can be very helpful in helping you plan any online marketing that you want to do not only on your webpage but using google or Facebook. They will show you where your strengths are and help build your business.


Blog on a product:

Macadamia Oil


Although I have been attending skin care trade shows for the past 3 decades, every time I go, I come home with new information, new insights and sometimes a great new product. This year my biggest “ah-ha” was macadamia nut oil – direct information from the farmers.  Macadamia nut oil is the closest in composition to human sebum.  This means it is easily absorbed into the skin and its components become bio-available to the skin. The first thing I noticed when they “demoed” it on my hand and arm was that afterwards there was no greasy feeling that I would have expected from a product with significant oil content.  The skin felt super soft and had almost a glow to it. While it wasn’t greasy or sticky, it felt well, moist.  I walked around and tested other products but nothing came even close to the feeling I had gotten from this lotion. I went back and purchased some to test it out.  Hours later, I noticed my skin still had that nice, soft, moist feeling. Pretty amazing.  So following their suggestion for improving the skin, I applied it before bed. In the morning, my skin was still moist.  Nice surprise.  I continued to use it twice daily. In about 3 days, I noticed my tear drop psoriasis was fading away and my normally quite dry legs were staying soft and smooth feeling all day long.  Time for some internet research.

Almost 90% of macadamia oil is made up of 3 fatty acids; oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, and palmitic acid. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated, omega-9 fatty acid that moisturizes the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It helps skin cells regenerate quickly, keeping skin smooth and supple. Palmitoleic acid is a monounsaturated, omega-7 fatty acid that helps to prevent burns, wounds and skin scratches. It is the most active anti-microbial in human sebum and is surpassed only by palmitic acid as the main fatty acid in sebum. Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid that helps maintain the skin’s healthy barrier function, by forming an occlusive layer on the surface.

Skin’s sebum consists of a number of complex lipids, such as, triglycerides, wax esters, and squalene. As we age, the production of sebum changes in both quantity and in composition. In early adolescence, our sebum production increases until we are in our 20’s and 30’s, where it begins to decline. The amount produced varies between males and females, with females experiencing a more noticeable decline around the age of 40. (No wonder we get dry skin when we go through menopause. The composition of our sebum also changes with age. The two main fatty acids of human skin sebum are palmitic acid (22.5%) and palmitoleic acid (21.8%). The level of palmitic acid in sebum remains fairly constant throughout our lives. However, the production of palmitoleic acid starts to decline once we are in our 20’s.   My research indicated it is not comedogenic.

While all the scientific information seems good, it gets even better when you talk to people who have been using it a while. It is particularly helpful to maturing skin.  Its composition lets it soak in more deeply than other oils so the skin becomes better hydrated and skin seems to “recognize” the components and make use of them.  As a skin care professional I use a lot of wonderful serums and products on my face, but I have never found a body product I could stick with – until now.  I have only been using it less than 3 weeks, but my skin is softer, smoother, firmer with no hint of the former dry flakiness. Feel free to do your own test. Buy a bottle and try it twice a day for at least a month (how long it takes for the skin to completely turn over) and send me a message with your results.  You can find it on our website at http://www.estheticsnw.com/jindilli-delight-in-your-skin/ or pick up a bottle the next time you visit me at the clinic.


Website Product Description

Long Lasting Beauty Can Be Yours

Magic Styl’o is an amazing semi-permanent pen that is perfect for our hectic lifestyle today.  It can be used for everyday makeup—for Lip Liner, Full Lip Color, Eyeliner and Brow Fill-in—as well as eyelash and eyebrow extension enhancement.  The Magic Styl’o pen is also great for body art drawing, temporary hair tinting and so  much more!

Magic Styl’o Semi-Permanent Makeup Pens come in Many Beautiful colors.   These amazing liner pens work like a marker to dry instantly, making application a breeze. And they last 24 hours, giving you effortless, long lasting beauty.

The semi-permanent formula soaks into the skin, giving you a natural, never caked-on look. Magic Styl’o will not run, smudge or clump like traditional liners. This semi-permanent formula stays put until you are ready to take it off. A handy use guide is in every box.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: It won’t smudge?

A: Once Magic Styl’o dries, it won’t budge.  It stays on until you are ready to take it off.


Q: How do I get it off?

A: Magic Styl’o comes off with your makeup remover or skin cleanser.


Q:  What if I make a mistake when I am applying it?

A: We all have little accidents.  Just quickly, use a damp cotton swab and wipe away the problem. Then re-apply.


Q: How wide a line do the pens make?

A: The width of the line is controlled by your angle with the pen onto your skin. The more perpendicular it is, the thinner the line. If you want a wider line, angle the pen a little closer to your skin.  For lips, you can create a nice sharp lip line and then lay the pen flat on the skin for a nice soft fill.


Q: The colors look really bright on the pen tips. Are they?

A: Brightness of the color is controlled by how much you apply. If you want a softer lip color, use a light touch and a single pass.  If you want it to be more bold, add another layer. This makes the pens very versatile.

Q: What if my pen quits working?

A: Every pen comes with a cleaning kit in the box.  As you apply the color, the pen will pick up tiny amounts of body oils.  If the pen gets too much buildup it won’t apply well.  Simply follow the cleaning directions and wipe the tip with one of the little alcohol pads and you will find you are ready to go.  I have been using these pens for years and find they last a long time. How long yours will last will be dependent on how frequently you apply it and how heavy an application you prefer.


Social Media Post:

Every once in a while you stumble across an ingredient or a product that instead of being ho-ha actually impresses you. I had this experience recently with macadamia oil. For years I have searched for a body lotion that could really control dry skin on my legs. My ideal lotion would be light, not greasy, no fragrance (I’ll wear perfume if I want to smell good), as natural as possible and it would keep my skin feeling soft and not dry all day. This year at the San Jose skin care show, I discovered macadamia oil. For me it was pure…. well, magic. Soft, smooth, no dryness, no oiliness. Read more here….http://estheticsnw.blogspot.com/2015/09/macadamia-oil.html

EstheticsNW Blog: Macadamia Oil


estheticsnw.blogspot.com|By Judith Culp


Landing Page:

Hello Colleague,

Are you feeling overwhelmed with a writing project? Hate to brag about yourself? It’s not easy and most people struggle with it.  Let me brag for you. Whether you need a resume, professional bio., cover letter,  social media page or thank you note, I can do it for you.  Most people  try to use the same resume to apply to very different professional situations. You just don’t get as good a result.  You need a customized resume and that’s where I come in. I have coached many students and written many of these over the years. I can simplify your life, reduce the stress and will provide you with a tool to help you get that job.

With more than 30 years of experience in the “beautification” industry specializing in esthetics and permanent cosmetics I have had many different jobs. I’ve been an employee, employer, independent contractor, school owner, educator, author and contributing editor to two editions of Milady Standard Esthetics: Advanced. I’ve written articles for all of the major trade magazines as well as a monthly column for the Stylist Newspaper chain for nearly 20 years.

Need someone to bounce ideas off of, assistance developing a business plan, creating a brochure or crafting your e-newsletter, I can help you get it done. Just getting started in the industry?  I can write or polish your resume to help you get the type of position you’d really like to have. With well over thirty years of writing for not only my own business but also for trade publications and Milady Publishing, I can craft the written words that you need. I’ve created training manuals, articles, brochures, resumes, product description, descriptive service menus, newsletters (both print and eblast), blogs, web pages and much more.  Is now the time for you to tap into a professional mentor? Give me a call.

Whether you need a consultation or assistance with a project large or small please call for more information and pricing.  Writing projects are priced based on the individual project and your specific needs. Professional photographs or custom photography is also available.  For more information please email me at estheticsnw@msn.com or call 541-344-7789.


Mallory Lane Welcome Letter

We the residents of Mallory Lane welcome you to the neighborhood.  We are a small collection of 17 homes on a private lane – that is why our street sign is blue instead of greenJ. We are a basically friendly group who tries to watch out for each other.

We have a great neighbor, Adam Foster, who is our marvelous Neighborhood Watch leader.  He sends out e-memos monthly to keep everyone informed of any issues or happenings which are generally non-existant.  He tries to introduce himself to all the new neighbors and get their emails so he can add them to the group.  If you notice anything of concern in the neighborhood, please let Adam know.

You will find a list included in this packet that give you both Adam’s contact information and that of the board members so that if you have any questions or concerns you can reach one of us. There is also contact information for the two garbage services that pick up on our street. The biggest difference between the two companies is if the schools are closed due to bad weather, Sanipac does not take their trucks out. Lane Apex does and will haul away your trash when Sanipac won’t.

There are some great walking paths nearby if you like to jog or walk your dog. We have included a page on what is nearby that includes a map so you can see how to easily access these areas.  We are also wonderfully close to a diversity of stores and restaurants only a 5-15 minute walk away.

Our lane is rather narrow with parking only allowed on the north side of the street.  Because of the narrowness, and children who may be playing, please drive slowly as you are traveling our road.  Please use caution entering or leaving our lane as it is a pretty tight turn.

If you are using your garage for storage rather than parking, there is still room on most driveways for 2 cars. Those homes with a double garage, can actually park 3 in the drive.  Using your driveway for parking whenever possible will allow everyone to have better ingress and egress.  Another note on parking, please don’t block the mail boxes.  This is very aggravating for the poor mail person, and if it is blocked they may not actually do mail delivery.    Should we find there is a vehicle parked on the street that seems to be abandoned, the board members will try to locate the owner and have it removed.  Please do not leave any vehicle under your control parked on the street when you are going to be gone. Please help us with these parking issues.

To keep all our dogs in the neighborhood happy and safe, please keep your dog under control at all times and pick up after them if they happen to do their business in a neighbor’s yard.

If you are a renter or an owner that did not receive a copy of our CC&Rs, please get Judi your email address and she will send you one.  The CC&Rs are basically the guidelines for happy cooperative sharing of our space here on Mallory Lane.  We do have an annual homeowners meeting and all owners as well as our neighborhood renters are invited to attend and participate. The only difference being, if you are a renter your landlord would be the person with voting rights. If you have any concerns, please speak with your landlord about voting on behalf of you.

There you go.  Welcome again to our neighborhood. Wave, smile and enjoy!  We love to visit and chat with you.  Judi Culp, President


Blog: Information to Consumers on Why Estheticians Wear Gloves

My recent post on wearing gloves got positive support from many, thank you.  I did find it sad that one spa said they got a negative review for their technicians wearing gloves.  This shows the need for consumer education.  Maybe a little flyer or insert on your web page that explains how you are protecting clients by wearing gloves.  Feel free to use the following to promote client safety and help consumers understand why more and more estheticians are wearing gloves during services.

Gloves are often used in esthetic services to protect the client, and the technician from transmission of potentially infectious microbes (OPIM).  These tiny organisms cannot be seen by the human eye, or even with the magnifying glasses commonly found in a treatment room.  If you have ever had a manicure and noticed an irritated cuticle the next day, or had a waxing done and then experienced tiny red papules in the area, this is likely caused by those microbes.

Today’s technicians are taught to practice infection control and the prevention of cross contamination.  During a wax procedure this would include wearing gloves, disinfecting the area, remove the hair and then disinfect the skin again.  Each step is an important link it preventing irritation or infection.

Any time your esthetician performs an exfoliation treatment; microdermabrasion, scrubs, galvanic, chemical peels, or ultrasonic, it can allow tiny portals in the skin to let bacteria in or out. The same is true for extraction. To protect both the client and the technician, gloves may be worn for the duration of the treatment.  It is that extra step to protect you that is important to us, your professional estheticians. Even if there is no visible openings in the skin, we do not want to risk transmitting a microbe from ourselves or any other object in the treatment room onto a “potentially” open surface.

Some states now require all technicians to wear gloves for all treatments.  They are taking a pro-active stance to prevent any possible problem.  The good news?  Today’s gloves are thin, protective and have great tactile feel.  You probably won’t even know your esthetician is wearing them.

Most estheticians no longer use latex gloves, but if you have a latex allergy please do bring it to their attention.  Today’s gloves are generally vinyl or nytrile. They should be exam glove quality.  In the future you can expect to see more nytrile gloves in use as they are much more environmentally friendly, even though the cost of use is still more than vinyl.