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 Dear Colleague,

Need digital content or someone to help you get on track? Solve your problems? You need a need someone who knows, marketing  and your niche. Someone who understands, and believes in your brand, and the value of your product. 

You need someone with persuasive writing skills who specializes in the Alternative Health and Wellness Industries. Someone who can provide you with articles, sales letters, e-mails, funnels, web content, blogs.  Or you might need recommendations on how to take your website from blah to ahhhh.

You need someone who understands the importance of UX, the User Experience, and can help you integrate it across all of your marketing efforts. In 2020, this has become more important than ever. There are some things that if missing can mean doom to your company.

You are looking for someone who has experience in creating an article with follow-up email autoresponders, e-newsletters, and integrating SEO. You need someone who is easy to work with and meets deadlines.

Whatever your needs for assistance, you want to know more before you invest in having me write for you. If we were meeting face-to-face, chatting in your office, you’d ask me questions. Let me try to answer a few common questions right here with some Q and A.

Q. What kinds of assignments do you handle?

A. Projects that intrigue me win over scope. One of the biggest challenges is to keep content fresh, interesting and engaging to the reader. Support information to build your prospect’s trust and keep them “clicking”, “subscribing”, purchasing. E- newsletters, articles, advertorials, web content, copy critique, blog posts, site audits and strategizing…

Contact Judith

Need copy? Engaging, result orient content is what I’m all about.  I offer a free 15-minute consultation to explore possibilities. Would love to learn your needs.  I am available via email: judith@jculpcreativecopy.com; cell phone: 541-543-3070 or my office: 541-485-1004. Or click on the Booking button above to schedule online. If you have any issues with the scheduler, just call and we will set it up.

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Some of My Services 

Email, Short Copy

Profit Roadmap Strategies

Copy Critique


Long Copy Sales Letter

Landing Page

Bio or Intro Letter


Sample 1

Take Control of Your Life – Hire a Team!

Sample 2

Oregon Coast Oasis

Sample 3

Ready for Wellness Travel?

Clients and Experience 


What Others Say About Judith

Judith is very knowledgeable about the esthetics world with the data or her personal experience to back it up…She does her research & obtains feedback.

She has great passion for the industry to participate & contributes her insight of taking projects with perseverance to complete the task; ie: editor of Milady’s Advanced Esthetics textbook & student manual.

Charlene Rodrigues

California Skin Care & former Colleague

Judith is articulate, professional and well informed. She is helpful, caring and connected. She strives for growth in her field as well as excellence.
Patricia Barnett

CEO Red Lotus Skin Care Salon

Judith excels at writing science –based researched content. She is not threatened or intimidated to ask for help or input. She has excellent organizational skills and the ability to teach complicated subjects in a simplified way. Her core values are honest and trust.
Susanne S. Warfield


Whatever your project may be, I’d like to invite you to get in touch with me so we can schedule a phone or skype consultation and explore the possibilities. I am available via email: judith@jculpcreativecopy.com; cell phone: 541-543-3070 or my office landline: 541-485-1004.

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