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“You have cancer.” Laying there on the chilly surgery table waiting for the lab results of my breast biopsy, I was stunned. No one ever wants to hear those words. I was 33, too young for this to be happening. What about my ten-year-old son?

Somewhere in the blur of the next few days, a thought fixed itself in my head. My Grandmother had a breast removed when she was in her mid-forties. Back in her day there was no treatment. She lived to be 95 years old.

I had the benefits of great doctors, the latest chemotherapy. I would get past this and like the other women in my family live to a ripe old age.

There wasn’t much nutritional information then compared with the volumes we have today. I became a researcher and supplement junkie as well as an anti-aging skin care specialist. The results speak for themselves and no one ever guesses my age. I’ve helped women discover supplements and alternative therapies that have improved all aspects of their lives.

I’ve been blessed to meet some fabulous alternative practitioners whose skills made amazing differences and helped me avoid unnecessary surgeries. If you have these talents, I want to help you share them.

I’ve been called a workaholic. I come by it honestly. My father was one and so is my son. When we take on something, we do it whole-heartedly, reliably and professionally. Research is my middle name. I need to validate and believe. It kicks in my passion for sharing, helping and persuading.


Probably the most unusual thing about me is how I met my husband…on Facebook.  I think when people go through tough times, or are lonely, they tend to hide out where they feel safe and accepted. For me, it was a game on Facebook called “Kingdoms of Camelot”. The people were friendly and we had a great time.

One of them, “Yorkie” always had kind things to say, helpful and full of fun. Everyone uses avatars so you only get to know the personality.  I had no clue I had met the man who would change my future and my life.

Fast-forward three years and the relationship had changed, deepened and become a bond. It was a long-distance relationship…5000 miles. Yup.  I’m west coast USA and he was in northeastern England in the province of Yorkshire. It provided a balance that allowed us to really get to know each other.

In January of 2016, he came over to visit… but we decided we weren’t getting any younger and didn’t want to be apart. So we got married in February celebrating history and heritage with a hand-fasting. Then we called an immigration lawyer to help us sort out the legalities. Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you that story over a glass of wine.

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Whatever your project may be, I’d like to invite you to get in touch with me so we can schedule a phone or skype consultation and explore the possibilities. I am available via email: judith@jculpcreativecopy.com; cell phone: 541-543-3070 or my office 541-485-1004.

Judith Culp Creative Copy

It was amazing to work with Judi…she knows her stuff!
She’s always on time and came to the table with great suggestions and options.
We loved working with Judi…she helped us so much. She got our most popular products revised and back on the market.
Can’t wait to work with her more!

Robert Goergen

COO, The Dragontree

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