whenQ. What are your qualifications as a copywriter?

I have been writing copy for the past 30 years for my own businesses, trade publications and more. Because I won’t settle for less than the best, I have taken numerous writing classes to hone my skills.

Training includes:

  • A three-year writing group at the post-college level. And many programs through AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.).
  • Copywriting Classical forms basic and advanced levels
  • Social media
  • B2B writing
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • E-newsletter writing
  • Information marketing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Website analysis
  • Long form sales writing
  • Advanced sales writing
  • Website copy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • User Experience Copywriting
  • Video Marketing

Q. What is your copywriting background?

A. It started with brochures, menus, ad copy, and newsletters. Later it expanded into a monthly column for the Stylist Newspaper, and articles for all the major spa magazines: Skin, Inc., Les Nouvelle Esthetique, Skin Deep and Dermascope.

When I created an online business presence in the late 90s, web content added to my writing mix. I have written presentations and webinars for national organizations, training manuals, school catalogs, and been involved in several books for the industry.

My writing evolved when I shifted into full-time marketing writing. Your product/service, your story, my ability to provide persuasive informative copy.

Q. Do you have experience in the Alternative Health Industry?

I have spent the last 35 years in the beauty/spa field. My passion has always been wellness.

I have been your customer. A cancer survivor, I know the importance of healthy eating and sourcing. If you don’t live where crops can grow year-around… you don’t get maximum nutrients from foods that are available. Supplements are important for optimal health.

I know the questions, concerns, and skepticisms your client has. I know the triggers that will make them leave without buying. Quality ingredients, well-formulated and feeling assured that her purchase is backed by you help complete the buying process. And when products prove themselves, we just keep coming back.

Q. What kinds of assignments do you handle?

A. Projects that intrigue me win over scope. One of the biggest challenges is to keep content fresh, interesting and engaging to the reader. Support information to build your prospect’s trust and keep them “clicking”, “subscribing”, purchasing. E-newsletters, enhanced user experience, articles, advertorials, web content, copy critique, blog posts, site audits and strategizing.
Many of my clients start with an article crafted to educate and motivate the potential or existing client to order or sign up. Each article is supported by a series of 3-5 automated emails to help close the sale.

You can never have too many ways of offering helpful information and collecting emails from their visitors.

● Newsletter signup
● Special reports
● Interactive quizzes
● Concierge tailored to the prospect information.

Q. Do you offer consulting services?

A. Yes, I would be happy to work with you as a consultant. I bring you a blend of being a business
person and being your consumer.

Trained in web copy and strategizing, let’s take your project to the next level… with trackable results.

Q. Your fee schedule lists a price for a “copy critique,” what’s that?

A. A copy critique is where I put on my editor hat. I follow a checklist to evaluate any content you

I can evaluate something that is already completed or a draft looking for what works and what does not.
You will receive a written review that you can use to enhance the piece or I can enhance the copy for you.

Q. Speaking of money, what does it cost to hire you for a project?

A. Is your content getting you the best possible ROI? If not, investing in my services may be the
trigger that will bring in the missed sales or revenues left on the table.

That investment may keep you more connected with your clients, retaining rather than constantly replacing them. Quotes are tailored to the scope of your project and your unique needs. You will normally have them within one business day from the time the details of the project are clarified.

Q. Who are your clients and what do they say about your copy and counsel?

A. You’ll find a list of clients and testimonials in this information packet.

Q. How long will it take you to write my copy?

A. This varies by project. It will be clearly defined in my proposal but is dependent on your team member meeting the scheduled time frame for providing information I may need to work from.

I am familiar and accustomed to working with deadlines and have never missed one.

In all my work with Cengage Publishing, they were impressed and appreciative of my meeting or beating deadlines in a very professional way. In 20 + years of writing a column for the Stylist Newspaper, I always met submission deadlines.

Q. What happens if we want to revise the copy?

A. This is a very understandable concern. It is always my policy to include at least one revision in any project. Depending on the scope of the project, several may be included.

Our good initial consultation, defining the project and clarifying your specific goals helps minimize the need for extensive revisions and get you your finished copy more quickly.

Got a problem? Let's chat and solve it.

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email: judith@jculpcreativecopy.com

business cell phone: 541-485-1004.


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