Assessment and Roadmap

Would you like to know exactly what your copy and content need to boost performance?

You can get a FREE assessment of your website, sales letter, social media page or any other message that you want to perform better.

Simply give me insights on your project or concern using the: Free Assessment Form

I will review your request and get back to you within the next 3 business days. I may have some followup questions.

Once I have everything I need, I will do the full assessment. As part of this assessment, I’ll draft a simple targeted Roadmap. This roadmap will tell you the top 3 things you can do to boost the impact and persuasion power of your copy.

I believe in simplicity and high leverage actions. By focusing on 3 key areas, we minimize your workload, save you time and increase the odds of your increased success.

Normally this Assessment and Roadmap process costs a minimal investment of $2950. But because the only people that see this page are serious about boosting their results, I’m offering to do this for you at no charge.

The Roadmap will be valuable to you and can be used by any writer to improve your results. If you’d like me to work with you, we can discuss that at a later time.

Once the Roadmap is completed, I will set a 20-minute call to review the Roadmap, which I will send to you, explain my findings and answer any questions you may have.