Bonus #1 Coronavirus Article for Web


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Feel free to modify this to suit your specific business model. Include photos of physical changes you have made, and how they can expect you to be attired for their procedure.


The New Normal for Protecting Our Clients

In the wake of the coronavirus, we are busy preparing to meet the new normal. Our health and safety are of paramount concern.

 I will be following all federal, state, and local guidelines. As a proud member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetics, (SPCP), I will be employing the “gold-standard” recommendations the SPCP has diligently developed.

 This means things may continue to change as more information is released.

 [I or Staff] will be wearing facemasks and enhanced personal protective gear. [I / They] will be taking their temperature before coming into the clinic to work. Staff members with a fever, cough or shortness of breath will not work.

 If we find we have been exposed, we will follow all recommended guidelines for your safety and avoid the spread of infection.



 While I’d like to be able to immediately offer a full range of services, I may be unable to do that and protect both you and me. So initially, following SPCP recommendations, I will only be offering eyebrow procedures. [INSERT OTHER PROCEDURES/SERVICES YOU WILL BE OFFERING.] No procedures where the client cannot keep their face mask on are offered.

 As we move forward and guidelines are eased, more procedures will be made available.

 We have been cautioned that the more we talk, the more microdroplets are put into the air which increases risk factors. So our in-person visit may be a little quieter than usual.



To book a treatment, please visit [INSERT BOOKING LINK] or call us at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER].

 In lieu of face to face consultations, I am offering virtual consultations.  They will be conducted via [INSERT HOW YOU WILL CONDUCT THE CONSULTATION AND HOW YOU ARE HANDLING CLIENT HISTORY FORMS, INFORMED CONSENT AND PRE-TREATMENT INFORMATION].  This lets us meet and talk in a safe manner. 

 Prior to your appointment, I will be emailing you AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS. Please review them. At your appointment, I will also go over aftercare with you.

 The day before your appointment I will be calling you for a health update for you and your family as well as confirming your appointment. Should you develop any symptoms after that call, please contact me immediately and we will reschedule.  I will also confirm the approximate length or your visit so if someone is driving you they will know when you expect to be ready to leave.



In an effort to maintain social distancing as well as enhance client and staff safety, our clinic entrance is kept locked.

 Client appointments are being scheduled farther apart to allow for additional disinfection in any area the client may have entered. Staff will be wearing masks, gloves and [INSERT WHAT OTHER PPE WILL BE USED.]

 When you arrive, please wait in your car and call to let us know you have arrived. If I don’t answer please leave me a message and I will return your call as I may be in a disinfection process.

 Please leave any unnecessary items in your car.  When you do enter we will ask you to set any personal items such as a wrap or purse, in a plastic bag lined bin. This is followed by having you disinfect your hands. [INSERT YOUR PHONE USE IN-CLINIC POLICY TO REDUCE TOUCH CONTAMINATION]

 If you arrive without a facemask, one will be provided for your use. Wearing masks is required while you are in the clinic.

 Our waiting area is now closed.  Outside food and beverages are not allowed. If you arrived with someone, they can wait in your car or return later to pick you up. Only the client having the procedure may enter. We will handle the payment [INSERT HOW YOU ARE HANDLING PAYMENTS TO MINIMIZE TOUCH CONTACT.]  Then we will proceed to the treatment room and move forward with your procedure.




Bonus #1 – Coronavirus Article for Web

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