Wellness Copy for B2C

B2C Wellness Copy Clients – Reduce Stress, Grow, Improve Sales

B2C clients deal directly with the consumer. You need wellness copy focused on your business type. In the spa, wellness travel industry that includes:
Skin clinics
Permanent makeup
Hotel properties
Adventure offerings
Health offerings

You need wellness marketing copy targeted directly to what your guests want to know.
  • Why would they be interested in your area or your services?
  • What unique benefits do you offer them?
  • What makes you special?
  • Packages you offer catering to experiences they want
  • How you can make them feel better about themselves
  • They want this supported by facts, testimonials and how it works.
Hospitality properties

People don’t start trip planning with picking a hotel room.  They want to know about your area.  What’s there that is on their interest list? What kind of experiences can they find?  Spa, shopping, hiking, beaches, mountains?  The more you can share these experiences the better.

Catch their attention… get their email.  Then keep providing helpful information. Build that relationship of trust and when they get closer… offer them a package tailored to their interests.

Service providers

You need to stand out from your competition. Unfortunately, for most, it is challenging to see what makes you unique.

We need to dig into your background, your story, and find your USP, Unique Selling Position.  Then we will use it to make you stand out.  It’s much easier for an outsider who has a good understanding of your uniqueness to share your vision with potential guests.

You best reach your clients in a diversity of ways

Your website
Facebook page
Your content needs to engage them emotionally. That’s the tricky part and where many pages fail.

Let’s start with what you already have. How is it working?  How can you maximize return on your investment? Tell me about your business and I’ll find ways to help you grow. I’m your idea person. We want to fill your calendar, increase sales and get great reviews. I specialize in this. You can focus on what you do best – take care of guests and staff.

Here’s how we can work together.

Here’s what people say about me.

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