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Wellness Copywriting Services

Who is your target?  Are you trying to engage potential  guests. or business owners. Do you need to engage influencers who have the direct interaction with the guest. Certainly you need to reach the decision maker. Wellness copywriting services provide a way to engage each group that may be involved in the buying process.  They each need something a little different.

We need to make sure your marketing is focused on your best customers. That means really understanding them. Sure you want everyone to like your product or service, but some customers are better than others. Twenty percent of your customers generate 80% of your revenue. Let’s be sure we are focusing on them and what they need.

My copy will speak to them, focus on their needs and goals and how your business is the best one to meet that need.

Marketing choices can be overwhelming for those in the hospitality spa and wellness industry. And most of the time, we can’t really track how well our marketing dollars are performing. That’s a big problem. We need to incorporate the element of trackability into our marketing efforts.  Then we really know where our sales are coming from.

What is best marketing approach for me?

Let’s analyze your needs.

Based on your needs we have a diversity of services we may offer you:

  • Website Content Audit to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Web copy critique
  • Interactive or concierge to engage prospects
  • Wellness SEO keyword search
  • Content copywriting
  • Web content makeovers
  • Single landing pages and order pages
  • E-mail marketing
  • E-newsletters
  • Video scripts
  • Consulting, coaching, training
  • Success stories  & special reports (white pages)
  • Print and trade show materials
Ready to make your next marketing project a winner?  

Let’s discuss your needs.  No obligation to buy.

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