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Testimonials for Judith Culp Pearson

Judith Culp Pearson

Here are some testimonials from my colleagues, peers, and clients. I appreciate their very kind words.

Judith Culp Pearson – AWAI-Trained and Verified Direct Response Copywriter with over 30 years in the spa, wellness industry.

Dr. Mark Lees, Mark Lees Skin Care:

Judith is well-organized, attentive to concerns and a take-action person.

Rev. Alice Knotts:

Judith has the tenacity and the ability to carry through.  She has the ability to take a project and develop it. The ability to take an idea and add business sense to it. She is a team player with the ability to use discretion in judgment and communications.

Susanne Warfield, President/CEO PCI/NCEA/SDSS:

Judith is excellent in writing science-based well-researched projects.  She is not threatened or intimidated to ask for help or input.  Judith has strong organizational skills.  She excels at teaching complicated subjects in a simplified way.  Her core values are honesty and trust.

Lynn Van Norman, LVN Medical Massage:

I am completely blown away by how much you remember. This is so beautifully presented. My life would have been very different if I had found you years ago. It is so professional. Wow, lady, I hope you know how good you are.  lvnmedicalmassage.com.

Patricia Barnett, CEO Red Lotus Skin Care Salon:

Judith is articulate, professional and well informed.  She is helpful, caring and connected.  She strives for growth in her field as well as excellence.

Charlene Rodrigues, California Skin Care & former Colleague:

Judith is very knowledgeable about the esthetics world She backs it up with the data or her personal experience. She does her research & obtains feedback.

Judith has a great passion for the industry. She contributes her insight of taking projects with perseverance to complete the task; ie editor of Milady’s Advanced Esthetics textbook & student manual.

 Ann Hathaway, Ascot Commons HOA:

Nice work and enough info but not so much that people won’t read it.  Love your photo, too.  Thank you for your time and using your skills to create our Welcome Pack.

Martine Edwards, Cengage Learning:

Judith is a dedicated professional writer committed to her projects. She always delivers on time and top quality content at that. I worked with her as contributing editor on an advanced esthetics textbook. She was a delight to work with and has excellent people skills.

Lisa Kind, Owner Stylist & Salon Newspapers:

Judith Culp has been writing for the Stylist Newspapers since 1995. She is the most dependable and well-written expert in her field of esthetics. Specifically the business of esthetics.

Her articles are very well read. She has never been late on a deadline for as long as I can remember. I highly recommend Judith for her skills in writing.

Kate Ciampi: Executive Director, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

October 22, 2015

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing at the request of Judith Culp to share some of my experiences in working with her over many years.

Judith became involved in the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals in the early 1990s. Through participation, her leadership skills were immediately noticed. Not long afterward, members elected her to the Board of Directors. She served four-years, including SPCP President in 1998-2000.

As a renowned educator coupled with her warm and inviting personality, Judith became a popular speaker in the permanent cosmetics industry. Here she provided some of the best educational materials to date.

She demonstrated her ability to engage others through her contributions in the quarterly President’s Report.  She would later shine as the Editor of the SPCP Quarterly when her term ended on the Board of Directors.

Quality materials, high standards, easy to work with

Judith set high standards as editor; standards which continue today, even after she passed the torch. The SPCP continues to rely on her to provide articles regularly to the SPCP Quarterly.

Recently, as Certification Chair, Judith contributed many industry-specific test items for review by the Certification Board. Many of her contributions were placed in the certification exam item bank.

She has the gift of being able to write and present information in ways that everyone can relate to.

What I personally enjoy most about Judith, is she is extremely approachable.  She is always willing to offer her thoughts and opinion, after careful considerations on the given situation. This makes her an extremely valuable member of the Past-Presidents Council.

I can say with full assurance, that whatever endeavor Judith becomes involved with will undoubtedly be improved.


Kathleen Ciampi

Executive Director

Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals

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