Survive & Thrive Business Mastery

Your place to grow your business and make it crisis-resistant.

I am so delighted to have you join me on this journey of surviving Covid-19 and moving on to thrive. I look forward to every bit of feedback.

My goal is to make this a super valuable tool for you.

I’ve broken the journey into five manageable steps. Each step has its own subsets and I’ll be adding content every week. 


Step 1: A New Look at Where You are Now

Take the survey.

Discover your assets?

Who is your ideal client?

Set business and personal goals. 


Step 2: Using Your Assets to Attract More Clients

Discovering your powers. 

Skillsets to deal with any client.

What’s the real reason businesses fail?  


Step 3: Marketing Skills to Enhance Crisis Resistance

Time management…a secret weapon

The power of content

Useful tools to simplify your life

Content calendars & how to put them to work for you.


Step 4: Putting those Skills to Work for You

Creating content

Thin-slicing content

Getting social

What do your clients want…


 Step 5: Crisis Business Mastery

Mastering your content the easy way

Client retention

Diversification of revenue streams,

Giving back

VIP Club


 3X3 Problem-solving Q&A sessions monthly to keep you moving forward. 

Easy access via email or our Private Facebook Group


Plus These Bonuses


The Monthly Content Library: 


Articles and social media posts added monthly that you can download, customize, and share with your clients.


Post-Coronavirus Client Communications

 A post you can put on your website to share with your clients.  Changes your making and what you need clients to do to stay safe when they visit.  You can use it as is or customize it.  I also recommend sharing it with your social media pages to extend your marketing reach. (I’ll show you how.) For my clients, the normal fee would be $200.


Welcome-back email

 Welcome them back to your clinic. Let them know you have missed them and are eager to see them again and here is how to schedule those appointments.  Customizable.  Value: $100


One Free Coaching Call

 My coaching calls are normally $50 for 30 minutes. I’m giving you one call free to help you get set up and level-set, and use this program to your best advantage.


$350 in bonus offers…FREE



Three Membership Options.



1. Membership +private coaching. Includes a private 30-minute coaching call monthly $79 (Limited Membership so I can offer quality assistance.)



2. Standard Membership for only $43.00 Onboarding call but no monthly calls.



3. Not sure? Want to check us out? 14-Day FREE trial converts to Standard Membership after the end of the trial for $43.00/month.





The website coronavirus communication is a one time fee of $200.

The coronavirus email for clients is a one time fee of $100.

Both are totally customizable.



Simply click the button with your choice and it will take you to the registration page.



NOTE: If you have any issues with registration, please contact me. or 541-485-1004.


Member + Coaching Call $79/month

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Join Standard Member $43/month

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Join 14-Day Free Trial/Standard Member $43/month

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I Just Want the Marketing Materials

Each is subject to a one-time fee. The Website Communication is $200. The Client Email is $100.

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Creative Team

I look forward to helping you and your business survive and thrive.

Judith Culp Pearson

Judith Culp Pearson

Digital Marketing & Business Building